The Moonstone

A romance

Set in the heart of the Victorian era, The Moonstone is a tale of intrigue, theft, and the quest for a diamond of enormous value and beauty. Stolen from the Indian Sultan during the siege of Seringapatam, the gem carries a terrible curse, causing misfortune to anyone who possesses it. The diamond is bequeathed to the young Lady Verinder on her 18th birthday, but on the same night, it is stolen. Three suspicious-looking Indians had been seen in the neighbourhood, and so the best detective in Britain — Sergeant Cuff — is called to investigate.

Collins skilfully employs a multi-narrator format to draw readers into the mystery, allowing us to see the events from different perspectives of the characters involved. As the narrative unfolds, the reader is not only drawn into a thrilling investigation but also immersed in the complex web of social dynamics, morality, and the quirks of human nature. This novel is a true treasure for lovers of classic literature, offering a gripping story that is considered one of the earliest examples of the detective genre.

The Moonstone

by Wilkie Collins


  • Smyth-sewn, hardcover binding
  • Covered in buckram, blocked with a design by the artist
  • Set in Garamond Premier Pro
  • 512 pages
  • Printed offset on premium acid-free age-resistant cream-coloured paper
  • Trim size 165 × 245 mm (6½" × 9⅝")
  • Printed endpapers (b&w)
  • Head/tail-bands and silk ribbon
  • Frontispiece (b&w)
  • Twenty watercolour illustrations
  • Nine b&w chapter openings
  • Paper-covered slipcase

About Wilkie Collins

Wilkie Collins (1824-1889) was a distinguished British novelist and playwright, recognized for his remarkable contributions to the world of Victorian literature. Although often overshadowed by his contemporaries like Charles Dickens, Collins left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

Collins's novels, The Moonstone and The Woman in White, exemplify his mastery in crafting gripping and intricate narratives. The Moonstone is considered one of the earliest detective novels, showcasing his pioneering storytelling and clever use of multiple narrators. The Woman in White, a sensation novel, weaves together mystery, suspense, and psychological depth, making it a classic of its time. Beyond his mastery of suspense, Collins delved into social and moral issues, leaving a profound impact on the literature of his era. His works continue to be appreciated for their enduring relevance, and Wilkie Collins remains a celebrated figure in the canon of Victorian literature.

About Oleg Pakhomov

Sought-after Russian illustrator Oleg Pakhomov was born in Sergiyev Posad, a small quaint town near Moscow. He graduated from the Russian College of Toy Design in Sergiyev Posad, majoring in design. Started his career as a magazine illustrator.

Oleg has collaborated with leading Moscow publishers to illustrate a wide range of literature works, spanning from adventure novels such as Captain Blood: His Odyssey, The War of the Worlds and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes to short stories by Jack London, novels by Jules Verne, and children's folk tales. Additionally, he illustrated some popular science publications for children.

The cover

The design of the cover extends across the front, spine and back boards.

It depicts a scene from the book in which two girls, Penelope, the house steward's daughter, and her friend, the lodge-keeper's daughter, stand by the boundary hedge, observing three Indians engaged in a clairvoyance ritual on a young boy in the hopes of gleaning information about the diamond's location.

The endpaper illustration

The endpaper features an illustration of the country house belonging to the Verinder family, a significant location in the book.

  • Here are a few of the 20 stunning watercolour illustrations painted by Oleg Pakhomov exclusively for this edition.